A friend asked me what my routine is for cleansing my face as she has switched over to the ‘oil cleanse method’, so I thought I might as well share it on here too!

  • Remove all make-up using a make-up remover
  • Use a regular face-wash or face soap & warm water to wash face
  • Soak cotton pad in witch hazel & sweep over skin to remove last traces of dirt
  • Pat skin dry
  • Follow with vitamin E moisturiser where required (or G. Baldwin’s ‘Oily’ Face oil as oil balances oil)
  • Drink a lot of water!


  • Every few days I use a mild face scrub as I have the ol’ oily T-Zone
  • Once a fortnight or so I do an oil cleanse using Neal’s Yard Beauty Balm and hot cloth …mmmm!
  • When I think of it, I do a mini facial of scrub, steam and face mask with cucumbers over the eyes zzzzzz

Oil is your best friend in terms of lifting & shifting dirt and for moisturising, as it is easily absorbed and doesn’t attempt to strip the natural oils from the skin, although the adverts would have you believe otherwise.

The Neal’s Yard balm I use is quite expensive (got the first one as a freebie sample and the current pot was a birthday gift!), so you could just use a regular natural oil such as olive oil to do the same job. A Castor oil/sunflower oil blend is supposed to be very good for this purpose too.

  • Massage into skin, focusing particularly on areas with spots.
  • Place cloth in steamy hot tap water and squeeze out water
  • Place cloth over face to let the pores open (I also like to use the opportunity to inhale the steam…ahhh).
  • Once the cloth has cooled, use it to gently wipe oil from face.
  • Rinse cloth and Repeat cloth application action a few times
  • If skin feels tight, use a little oil to moisturise

Beware… as with a face mask, this may initially bring spots to the surface the next day! Some people, like my friend use oil for their daily cleansing routine and has found she doesn’t get spots anymore, but this didn’t work for me because my skin is a little sensitive and I guess appreciates more variety. You have to see what works with your skin type.  Diet obviously plays a part, and whatever I eat also seems to show on my face immediately 🙁  so I try to eat a lot of fruit, veg (avocados are great for the skin), and being almost-but-not-quite-pescetarian, sustainably sourced omega-rich oily fish.