Sadly I got an email to say that the shop in Watford High Street where we rent a shelf is having to close. We’ve been renting space at Rebel Pebble for about a year now and have only just got to exhibit our new label there. But the climate for a business like this is terrible. We were contemplating pulling out a few months ago, but decided to give it until the end of the year.

As I have said many times, Watford High Street has been ruined by the concentration of a behemoth Tesco Extra at the bottom end, along with Intu (we all know it as the Harlequin) which is now all national chain stores, plus the same old restaurants outside and opposite (Nando’s, GBK, Pizza Express etc), so no real reason to venture any higher up the road. The rents are spiralling out of control and many independents (who are way more interesting) just can’t compete with the big boys, and it’s sad because the council don’t seem to care about the little people.

So we will be going to collect our remaining items at the weekend. It was fun while it lasted 🙁