I saw this article in the Metro this morning:


Dr Nigma Talib, a ‘naturopathic’ doctor, basically claims that putting oil on your face is actually drying it out, clogging pores and that she prefers serums and to treat skin from the inside…

Ok, NATURAL oils DO NOT clog pores. Think almond oil, olive oil, grapeseed oil, and so on. What a bold claim she makes, that I’m sure a few aromatherapists and masseurs would take issue with! Lotions, creams and petroleum based products like Vaseline are more likely to clog pores. I think it’s lazy, sensationalist advice not to distinguish between types of oil. I mean are we talking about chip fat?!

Real Oil balances the skin’s natural oil production, which is why as someone with an oily/combination skin, I find oil perfect and no longer need to use blotting paper part way through the day. The doctor seems to be confusing cleansing issues with finishing. If your skin is dirty and you apply her wonder-serum…you’re still going to get zits. (I don’t care how many famous names you drop!)

Treating the skin from the inside out is hardly a revelation. Stress, poor diet and overdoing it at Christmas all take their toll on the skin.

Staying hydrated is really really important and we could all do with drinking more water, but I don’t see why this makes oil is the bad guy.