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Woodoaks Festival 2014

On Saturday 5th July, as part of the Little Fox Market, we had a stall at the Woodoaks Association’s new annual festival on Woodoaks Farm on the Denham Way in Maple Cross (not far from home), sponsored by Renault, who are based across the road.

We knew the weather was going to be rainy, and it was drizzling from when we arrived to set up at 9.45am. We got our Gazebo (aka little blue) up without much fuss, apart from the fact our tent pegs bent every time we hit them with the mallet! There were also high winds to contend with, which resulted in the gazebo to our left being damaged, and those stall holders went home early as it was impossible for them to continue.

The day went okay for us as people seemed quite interested in our soap! But the footfall wasn’t amazing because of the on-off weather and also because the stalls were spread out over a very large area – probably too large an area for people to want to make the effort.

Highlights included a taster from the Grand Union Canal musical by Land of Liberty theatre group, Phoenix Morris dancers, the jazz band, the owl & hawk display, the Baking competition and of course the football tournament. Those who went on it would also say the woodland walk was a particular highlight.

Someone with a family member involved in the organisation of the event was telling us that David Attenborough had been there the week before filming a piece on owls! Seems like an interesting place with lots going on, so worth checking out:

Courtlands Family Fun Day 2014

Last Saturday we had a stall at the Courtlands Residents Association’s annual fun day in Goodwood Recreation ground in Watford. Last year the day ended up being rained off and we had to pack up a few hours early, after having sat inside our zipped-up gazebo waiting for the torrential downpour to pass. This time we had glorious, hot sunshine and we had to keep an eye on things so that they didn’t melt! It was a good day with lots of customers (including a fireman!), good food, dance acts and live music.


Little Fox 7th June

Saturday 7th June we had our usual stall at the Little Fox Market in Ricky.

Unfortunately we started at 10.30 with rain showers and was therefore a little quieter than usual…but it soon brightened up and we had a steady flow of visitors to our table.

To make the time pass and to do something useful while on the stall, I’ve started making my greeting cards on the stall, which works much better for me. At home I can’t seem to get started!






Ricky Week & Canal Festival

Ricky Week

We didn’t get to see much of Ricky Week in the end, but we started it with Little Fox Market on the Saturday then we went to the Canal Festival on the Sunday. The weather was beautiful, the canal boats between Batchworth Lock & Stockers Lock were colourful and diverse, there was music, stalls selling all sorts of foods, gifts, garden furniture, there was a performance stage where some of the local performing arts schools sang and danced and we even witnessed the escape of some naughty sheep and goats. A magnificent end to a fantastic week of celebrating the joy that is Rickmansworth!


Little Fox Market – Saturday 10th May 2014

Saturday 10th of May was another Little Fox Market at St Mary’s in Ricky, which was also the beginning of the annual Ricky Week! The market went very well for us, despite the April-style showers interspersed with beautiful sunshine and blue skies. It was also good to get some feedback from customers on our products, and chat to friends who popped by.

The stall didn’t look as amazing as I’d hoped because we were a little low on stock, having rushed to get our products into Rebel Pebble for opening day, but thankfully we did okay. Our body butters will be back in June…I promise!



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