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Facial Routine

A friend asked me what my routine is for cleansing my face as she has switched over to the ‘oil cleanse method’, so I thought I might as well share it on here too!

  • Remove all make-up using a make-up remover
  • Use a regular face-wash or face soap & warm water to wash face
  • Soak cotton pad in witch hazel & sweep over skin to remove last traces of dirt
  • Pat skin dry
  • Follow with vitamin E moisturiser where required (or G. Baldwin’s ‘Oily’ Face oil as oil balances oil)
  • Drink a lot of water!


  • Every few days I use a mild face scrub as I have the ol’ oily T-Zone
  • Once a fortnight or so I do an oil cleanse using Neal’s Yard Beauty Balm and hot cloth …mmmm!
  • When I think of it, I do a mini facial of scrub, steam and face mask with cucumbers over the eyes zzzzzz

Oil is your best friend in terms of lifting & shifting dirt and for moisturising, as it is easily absorbed and doesn’t attempt to strip the natural oils from the skin, although the adverts would have you believe otherwise.

The Neal’s Yard balm I use is quite expensive (got the first one as a freebie sample and the current pot was a birthday gift!), so you could just use a regular natural oil such as olive oil to do the same job. A Castor oil/sunflower oil blend is supposed to be very good for this purpose too.

  • Massage into skin, focusing particularly on areas with spots.
  • Place cloth in steamy hot tap water and squeeze out water
  • Place cloth over face to let the pores open (I also like to use the opportunity to inhale the steam…ahhh).
  • Once the cloth has cooled, use it to gently wipe oil from face.
  • Rinse cloth and Repeat cloth application action a few times
  • If skin feels tight, use a little oil to moisturise

Beware… as with a face mask, this may initially bring spots to the surface the next day! Some people, like my friend use oil for their daily cleansing routine and has found she doesn’t get spots anymore, but this didn’t work for me because my skin is a little sensitive and I guess appreciates more variety. You have to see what works with your skin type.  Diet obviously plays a part, and whatever I eat also seems to show on my face immediately 🙁  so I try to eat a lot of fruit, veg (avocados are great for the skin), and being almost-but-not-quite-pescetarian, sustainably sourced omega-rich oily fish.

Holidays and such

Back from holiday and time to start making! I’ve been hugely inspired once again by the places I visited in Cornwall, including Newquay, Fowey, Padstow and Mevagissey. The week ended with an amazing outdoor performance of Charles Dickens ‘Great Expectations’ at the cliff side Minack Theatre. “What larks!” Well worth a visit!




So today I am getting started on making bath melts, which we haven’t done for a little while.


These will be available shortly at Rebel Pebble and Little Fox Market in October along with some skin oils and hopefully a body balm for eczema prone skins like mine! 🙂


What have we been doing in August? We always take August off from fairs and things just to regroup, have break and look at product development. At the moment we are working on getting some bigger orders out, but also developing some exciting new products  for the autumn, including a skin oil, which will hopefully be on the stall on 4th October. We always have a selection of our products at Rebel Pebble in the Parade, Watford, near the new-look pond, so do pop in and have a look at our shelf. We have also had our space confirmed at the St Clement Danes Christmas Food & Gift fair on 30th November in Chorleywood, which was mega-busy last year. Can’t wait!


We had a stall at a market recently and unfortunately the day wasn’t that great in terms of footfall and sales, so I was in a bit of a bad mood the rest of the day! It isn’t unusual to have a bad day of sales when you do regular markets, but there are a few things stallholders can do to make the day less annoying :
1. Don’t pack up before everyone else just because you’ve decided you’ve had enough – it’s not fair on other stallholders as it makes customers think the market is closed! It can also be highly disruptive.

2. Don’t jump out from behind your stall to grab people. They just want to browse in peace. I was next to someone who did this once, and they ended up sabotaging any interest in my stall because they kept people talking for so long they wanted to escape as soon as they had the chance!

3. Be friendly to other stallholders. Don’t snub people who you should be networking with! It is amazing where a bit of knowledge sharing can get you. It also makes the day and environment a lot nicer for visitors.

4. Also on the subject of networking; don’t thrust your business cards and other paraphernalia at other stallholders without giving them the chance to give you theirs or bothering to hang around to actually engage with the person! I say this because someone did this to me. They insisted I took their card and info and before I could even respond, they were on to the next stall. This is not networking or sharing, this is shameless self-promotion!

End of rant.

Woodoaks Festival 2014

On Saturday 5th July, as part of the Little Fox Market, we had a stall at the Woodoaks Association’s new annual festival on Woodoaks Farm on the Denham Way in Maple Cross (not far from home), sponsored by Renault, who are based across the road.

We knew the weather was going to be rainy, and it was drizzling from when we arrived to set up at 9.45am. We got our Gazebo (aka little blue) up without much fuss, apart from the fact our tent pegs bent every time we hit them with the mallet! There were also high winds to contend with, which resulted in the gazebo to our left being damaged, and those stall holders went home early as it was impossible for them to continue.

The day went okay for us as people seemed quite interested in our soap! But the footfall wasn’t amazing because of the on-off weather and also because the stalls were spread out over a very large area – probably too large an area for people to want to make the effort.

Highlights included a taster from the Grand Union Canal musical by Land of Liberty theatre group, Phoenix Morris dancers, the jazz band, the owl & hawk display, the Baking competition and of course the football tournament. Those who went on it would also say the woodland walk was a particular highlight.

Someone with a family member involved in the organisation of the event was telling us that David Attenborough had been there the week before filming a piece on owls! Seems like an interesting place with lots going on, so worth checking out:


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