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What are we up to next?

  • Christmas Fair for Ian Rennie Hospice at Beaconsfield School in Bucks on 14th Nov
  • St Clement Danes Craft & Gift Fair in Chorleywood on 29th Nov
  • Little Fox Market Christmas Market on 12th Dec
  • Christmas Lunch at some pub or other…


Rickmansworth Society Autumn Market

I’m writing this from behind my stall at the Autumn Market because it is so quiet and half the stalls have started packing up early. It started as a busy event with town crier introduction and lots of people coming in at once. Unfortunately we had an empty table next to us because someone didn’t turn up, and I did not want to rearrange my table over 2 because of that – very disruptive! The market was busy until 12 and then went quiet (strictly lunchtime).

Just as I thought we weren’t going to get any more customers, a lady came and bought 2 bars of soap (Lemongrass & Lime and Lavender).
Time to pack up!





Little Fox Market Sept ’15

Little Fox Market in September was pretty slow, but we did ok, considering! We really need a better, more central location to hold it, but Rickmansworth is short on community space. There’s no town square,  town hall, market place or village green!

Harefield Village Fair 2015

It was a pretty amazing day at Harefield Village Fair on the green. The weather was beautiful all day and there were loads of local people browsing the stalls and buying stuff! We sold several of our body butters, skin oils, skin balms and soaps, as well as bath accessories like wooden soap dishes and shower scrunchy-puff things.

Sponsored by Hillingdon Council, the event was really well organised, with the market stalls being arranged close together in an oval shape, so that customers could walk around it several times without doing a marathon. The green itself is central to the village, on the crossroads, so there are always people milling about and cars driving by. We will definitely do it again if it happens next year!


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