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Chorleywood Village Day Fun 2016

This weekend we took part in the Chorleywood Village Day on Chorleywood Common. It was our first year there and we know the Village always turns out to support local events as we have done the Christmas Evening and are regulars at Clement Danes School Christmas Fair.

We got off to a rocky start after we arrived at our pitch and realised we had left our table and gazebo sides at home, plus one of the water filled weights for the gazebo had a puncture and had leaked in the car! Anyway, Clive drove home (only 5 mins away!) to retrieve forgotten items.

The event started at 12 noon and before we knew it was buzzing with people! Unfortunately our pitch position was not favourable. We were near the entrance/exit, sandwiched between, surrounded by  and slightly obscured by charity stalls, while all the other retail type stalls (jewellery, clothing, candles etc) were down in the middle of the action, near the stage where various performances were taking place. Anyway, we did feed this back to the organisers at the end and said we would like to return next year…in a better spot ☺

We did okay, but I think we can do a lot better next year! The visitors we did have were really enthusiastic about our natural skincare and I’m really glad we sold some of our new Mango and Hemp Miracle Butter because it’s amazing!




Chorleywood Village Day 2016!

We will be joining the many stalls and other fun stuff on the Common with our little blue gazebo! Come and say hi and check out our new Mango & Hemp Miracle Butter…


Apologies for our Absense

Apologies if you were expecting to see us at the Chalfont Crafty Collective Fayre in Chalfont St Peter on Saturday just gone. We had just returned from a week in Tenerife where we did quite a lot of sightseeing and travelling across the island, then I was stressing getting bits ready for Saturday and I felt completely burnt out and weighed down by fatigue by Friday, plus my usual help was not available that day either, so I had no choice but to cancel the day before. In reality, I probably shouldn’t have booked a fayre so soon after a holiday. Thankfully since then I have managed to catch up on some sleep and spend a few days resting (and watching back-to-back episodes of a particularly ridiculously far-fetched 90s American soap on Youtube).

Our next event is the Chorleywood Village Day on Saturday 9th July 12-4pm. We’ll be there I PROMISE!

News – Little Fox Market Rickmansworth

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the original Little Fox Market in Rickmansworth has ceased for the time being. I believe the organiser is in talks to find a more suitable venue because the footfall has decreased so much in the last couple of years. Such a shame!

In the meantime, you can visit the other venues in South Bucks.


Work Day

BGF Barn

Part of renting a table at the Herts Craft Collective at Battlers Green Farm is that you have to volunteer in the shop once a month. Yesterday was our first time to do this, and it went really well!

After everything was explained to us (including how to operate the card machine – argh!) we were left to it and the day was pretty fun. After our 11-4 shift, we headed to my mum’s for a spot of Roast Chicken, which went down well 🙂

BGF Table


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