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News – Little Fox Market Rickmansworth

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the original Little Fox Market in Rickmansworth has ceased for the time being. I believe the organiser is in talks to find a more suitable venue because the footfall has decreased so much in the last couple of years. Such a shame!

In the meantime, you can visit the other venues in South Bucks.


New Product!

It’s finally here – our new Miracle Mango & Hemp Body Butter!

Packed with skin-loving ingredients, this luxuriously exotic butter with lavender and tea tree oils will help provide excellent relief to dry, irritated skin, including eczema and psoriasis. Make sure you try it out on a small patch of skin to see if it agrees with you before liberal use.

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Laundry Powder Project

I saw a recipe for home made laundry detergent in ‘Your Home’ magazine from May, so I thought I’d have a go and share it with you!

Shopping List
1 bar cheap soap 125g (eg. Imperial Leather)
Glass Jar
250g Borax substitute (£ shop should have some )
250g Soda Crystals
Kitchen Scales
Spoon or scoop
Label or gift tag

1. Grate the soap as fine as possible. I used Imperial Leather for sensitive skin. You want a cheap soap rather than a Soap Cabin bar! Pour into the jar.


2. Weigh out the borax and soda crystals. It should be 2 parts borax and 2 parts soda crystals for every 1 part soap. Add to the jar and mix well.



3. Label the jar and enjoy! You might want to add a few drops of essential oil to add scent. I didn’t because the soap was already scented.





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