I don’t normally buy Oprah Magazine, but this week I did (because the cover was bright and shiny!), so I thought I’d share some summer skincare tips I picked up courtesy of Oprah, mixed in with my own tips:


“In hot weather, your skin’s oil production tends to increase”

Like me you may find you get more spots on your face and body. To counter this, make sure you use a sunscreen. Instead of being tempted to over-wash your face with harsh oil stripping cleansers, I would suggest using the oil cleanse method to balance your skin’s oil production:

You will need a mixture of Castor Oil, Olive Oil (or Sunflower Oil) and Tea Tree Oil and a wash cloth. (Don’t apply neat Tea Tree Oil directly onto the skin).

  • Massage the oil mixture into skin, focusing particularly on areas with spots
  • Place cloth in steamy hot tap water and squeeze out water
  • Place cloth over face to let the pores open
  • Once the cloth has cooled, use it to gently wipe oil from face
  • Rinse cloth and repeat cloth application action a few times
  • If skin feels tight, use a little oil to moisturise

Dry Skin

“It’s usually the result of too much time in the water or chlorine”

You may even find that your skin is generally drier in the summer. Prevention: Try to shower only once a day and exfoliate to allow your moisturiser to penetrate the skin more effectively. Our Shea Body Butters are excellent for moisturising post-scrubbed dry skin. When you get out of the pool, rinse skin with a creamy hydrating cleanser.

Shaving Rash

“Those little red bumps”

You are probably shaving more often, so this can lead to inflammation of the hair follicles. Prevention: Avoid using rich lotions after shaving and cleanse with an antibacterial soap –  I would suggest our Tea Tree & Lime soap bar, which has excellent antibacterial properties. Also make sure you exfoliate regularly.


“No matter how careful you are with the SPF”

Too much sun exposure can cause uneven skin tone and darker spots, particularly from previous sun exposure. Prevention: Use a sunscreen along with a Vitamin C serum.

Heat Rash

“Things get itchy when sweat glands are blocked”

Blocked sweat glands trap the sweat beneath the skin and cause intense itching. I have actually had this a few times on the face from overheating at night. After this, I stopped sleeping with the duvet over my head!  Prevention: Exfoliate your skin daily with a mild body scrub. A cold compress will help calm the itch followed by a moisturiser containing calendula (such as our Soothing Skin Oil). The other thing I get from overheating is little water blisters on my hands. The only thing that works for me for taking them down is talc, and cooler weather!

From: Oprah Magazine, Jennifer Linder MD, Summer Skincare, July 2015